Latest Update
A boon for Galgotias University & Engineering College (Greater Noida) students with Quick Clean Laundromat now opened! Grand Opening of Quick Clean Laundromat at Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi, in January 2014 Follow us on FB for more updates. Quick Clean Laundromat is making inroads into Gurgoan. Visit the store today for inaugral discounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need your services?

We understand that you have a busy & hectic life and traditional laundry arrangements do not work for you anymore. Also, we understand that you have more important things to do than worry about purchasing detergents, doing laundry and wasting energy that’s why we offer you gamut of laundry services.

Do I need to separate my clothes?

Yes, bleeding clothes need to be separated. We suggest this is for a better wash and avoid color runs.

What all can I wash?

List is just too long.. you can wash blankets, curtains, pillow covers, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, inner-wear, towels, bed sheets, sofa covers, car seat covers, other washable garments…

Is my laundry mixed in with others?

Absolutely NOT! We wash each customer's laundry on an individual basis. Your load your wash. That’s why we call it a hygienic laundry.

What products are used on my clothes?

We use high quality detergents and stain removers. Need some fabric softener? Not a problem. Just let our store manager know this.

Will my clothes shrink?

We do air drying of your clothes that is beneficial in reducing shrinkage. If you have a concern about certain clothes, please let the store manager know. Be advised that certain types of fabrics might experience a little shrinkage especially the newer clothes.

Will my clothes be 100% dried?

YES. Don’t be surprised! That’s why our driers are different. Your clothes are 100% dried and are ready-to-wear with low wrinkles.

Where do you have Quick Clean Laundromats?

You may check the areas of our presence on Locate us. Do you want us to expand to a new location? Let us know on Facebook!

Any suggestions?

Do not forget to take your money and valuable papers out of your dirty clothes pocket before putting them in the washer. Our washers would not mind eating away all your money

We advise to use stain remover on cuff & collars before putting them into the washer. We also suggest you to wash socks and other small clothes with odour manually with water before putting them in washer. This helps in avoiding transmitting smell to your other washable clothes.